LCD Writing Tablet
Aryll Cole

LCD Writing Tablet

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We've all been there. You're stuck. The kids are getting restless, but you can't leave yet. You need a way to keep their little hands and their busy minds occupied. 

Or you're staring at the pile of papers with past grocery lists scribbled across them and you cringe a little bit. You love having a physical list, but you hate wasting the paper.

Or maybe you're not great at math in your head. *Raises hand* Guilty. So you need some space to just work through the problem and see each step.

Or perhaps you just want to send a pass a little note, or doodle a little drawing and then erase it. Without wasting any paper.

These fun LCD writing tablets are perfect for so each of these situations and so much more! Draw, scribble, sketch, doodle, write to your hearts content and then simply erase with the press of a button. The crazy helpful lock button on the back allows you to protect your screen from being erased for those times you want to keep your creation a bit longer (like when you don't want to accidentally erase your grocery list in your purse on the way to the store).

The possibilities and fun are endless. And the trees will thank you ;)

How will you use your writing tablet?

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