Tips for Increasing Your YOU Budget

I get it. I really do. Someone has to be the adult and make adult decisions. And you're the lucky winner in your family, aren't you. I know that means that most of the money you spend will either be for other people or for bills and other boring things. You're the last person on the list. I feel ya. 

So I'd like to help you out a bit. I've compiled this list of ways to save money on some of the boring things you likely pay for each month.

Disclaimer: I do receive a small commission if you decide to use these services through the link I provide. But on the bright side it won't cost you anything extra. In fact, the small kickback I get is what allows me to offer such great deals and giveaways to our fans (if you're not a fan already, you might want to change that so you can have access to those awesome offers and prizes). Additionally, I have actually used all of these services so I can attest to their awesomeness. I'll explain them a bit as I go, but if you have any further questions feel free to e-mail me at

Now on to the good stuff:

Answer Financial: This is huge. When I first called these guys four years ago we ended up increasing our coverage, lowering our out of pocket deductible, and still ended up SAVING $30/month on our home and auto insurance. 

These guys are incredible. Not only are they a fast and easy way to compare all the top rated insurance companies, but they're also hassle free. Once they run the numbers they will tell you flat out if they can't find you a better deal than what you already have. Best yet is that they are not allowed to call you back without your permission. That means you never have to worry about them calling you and bugging you to switch insurance. That right there is what convinced me to call them in the first place.

I really didn't expect them to be able to save me any money. I had what I thought was a great plan and I had been with my company forever so I thought I was getting some sweet loyalty points. I was wrong. Now I'm not loyal to any home/auto insurance company. I call back Answer Financial every 6-12 months to see if any companies have new offers that could save us money. Most of the time they're able to find me additional savings. It's awesome!

Click here to visit Answer Financial and see if they can save you money. You'll also need the following info.
Rep Solution Number: 3MHVV
Rep Last Name: Abbott

 Coupons are nice in theory, but let's be honest... 'ain't no one got time for that! Not to mention the fact that the best coupons are always for the foods that are the worst for your body. Am I right?

That's where ibotta saves the day. No coupon clipping needed. And there's always offers on things you actually need. Like milk. Not using ibotta for your grocery shopping is like flushing your money down the toilet. Don't do that. Sign up here and get a $10 bonus. Then use that and the rest of the money you save to buy yourself something pretty. Or chocolate. You deserve some chocolate.

 Ebates: I love how easy Ebates has made it to save money online ('cause with all these kids, online is how I shop whenever possible). I used to essentially only get bills (and credit card offers) in the mail, but now thanks to Ebates I get CHECKS in the mail! And it's all cash back on things I was already planning to buy. It's the best!
Sign up here and get a $10 bonus. Then make sure you install their browser widget thing. That's my favorite part. Every time you visit a site that is offering cash back it will automatically let you know. Then you simply click activate and you're done. Continue shopping as usual and Ebates will figure out your cash back and add it to your account.

So there you go. Take advantage of these awesome offers so you can save your hard earned money and use it on more important things. Like clothes (*wink wink*)