Floral Swing Dresses
Aryll Cole

Floral Swing Dresses

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Apparently it's not "socially acceptable" to stay in your pajamas all day and leave the house to run errands. Unless you're going to "the Walmart." Then it's basically expected. If you long for the comfort of pjs, but lack the luxury of hermit status, then this dress is going to be your new bestie.

Wear it around the house and be surrounded in luxurious PJ like goodness without the panic if someone decides to stop by. Take it up a notch with a long necklace and comfy sneakers for a casual out-and-about ensemble. Or really go all out with a statement necklace and your favorite pretty shoes for a night out. It's all the comfort you long for without any of the judgment. So basically you'll need one very every day of the week.

95% Rayon
5% Spandex

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